Home Valuation

What is your home worth?

The most accurate way to determine the value of your home

Don't be fooled!

Perhaps you’ve seen online, those web pages or Facebook posts where you enter in your address, and they promise to spit out an "instant" value supposedly of what your home is worth?  Don’t be fooled!   There is no computer system that knows all the great features of your home and can magically tell you what it’s worth. 
These are just ways to get your information to add you to a mailing list and build leads. Why would you want to start a relationship under those false pretenses?  I don't want to build mailing lists, I want to build real relationships with real people.  The only way to get the most accurate opinion of the market value of your home is to have a Professional Realtor come have a look at your home.
We take a close look at all the great features of your home and compare it closely with recently sold properties, active listings and even expired listings.  We look at this data, including days on market, and adjust for minor differences in these properties to arrive at an informed opinion of the market value of your home.  This is what we call the Direct Comparison approach, and it is one of the methodologies that professional appraisers use to arrive at property values.
So, If you’re considering selling  your home and you would like me to give you a no obligation market analysis of your home, simply fill out the form  on this page or give me a call at 416-875-4640 and let’s talk. I value your privacy and I'll never add you to any mailing list.  I’m here to help.