Selling a home in the era of Covid-19

What's involved if I want to sell a home during the Pandemic?

Well it’s not business as usual that’s for sure.  Since the lockdown began, The Provincial Government has deemed Real Estate Services an “essential service”


Because our college, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) and other real estate organizations had lobbied the government to allow Real Estate Transactions to continue during an emergency like the current pandemic.

The reason behind this is to allow critical real estate transactions to continue.  Everyone's situation is different and sometimes moving is done out of necessity.  

There are many reasons why people might need to sell their properties and banning these transactions from happening would have significant effects on Buyers and Sellers as a whole.

So Real Estate transactions can continue however it’s not business as usual. 

This is a responsibility I take very seriously.  Now, more than ever, we as professional Realtors need to protect the safety and interests of our clients and the public.

How are we doing this?

First and foremost in-person open houses are highly discouraged in Ontario.  Face to face meetings are also  discouraged.  And the Boards have relaxed the rules on homes being available for showings while currently active.  This means that before the pandemic, any home that was listed for sale on the MLS had to be available (within reason) for in-person showings.

Obviously, in person showings are a potential risk now in the era of Covid-19, and since OREA and the Real Estate Association of Hamilton Burlington are both highly discouraging in person showings, technology is the solution.  

So if a Seller needs to sell their property, and a Buyer wishes to view this property in person, the seller can specify that only with an accepted offer can the house be shown in person.

So the buyer needs to know as much about the property and have as much information as possible to virtually see and feel it in order to commit to putting in an offer.

So now, more than ever, the skills of a professional Realtor are essential in marketing the home in it's best light, to attract the most interest and set itself apart from the competition.  

Have you noticed there aren't very many "For Sale By Owner" signs around lately?

So when a Seller receives an offer, my job is to negotiate the best terms possible. Including the proper clauses  and conditions that protect you in case of a lock down or and appraisers and inspectors cant do their job and the closing is delayed.  Fortunately I already have clauses and conditions prepared to protect you.

With an accepted offer including a condition of Buyer viewing the property and finding the property acceptable, only then can the Buyer schedule an in-person visit. - Even still, I would have the Agent and the Buyers sign a Health Declaration before entering your home.

So the solution is to use technology like person to person video calls (Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts), virtual showings, e-signature platforms and knowledge experience when buying or selling a property.

This is where you need the help of an experienced award winning agent with a 20 year marketing background.


So What's Next?

So if you are considering selling the first step is to reach out to me.  Let’s have a virtual meeting through Zoom, Facetime or Google Hangouts and discuss your needs.

You can show me around your home virtually and I can learn about all its great features, why you bought it in the first place and what improvements you’ve made to it.

I’ll show you my specific and proven marketing plan, update you on the current market conditions and stats and if you’re happy with what you hear, I’ll prepare a Comparative Market Analysis of your home to determine in my expert opinion, what the market will bring for your home.

From there I’ll take care of everything to keep you isolated and safe:
  • Floor plans to show potential buyers the exact measurements and layout of your home.
  • Professional Photography and video to show your home in the best light possible.
  • Virtual Staging to fill empty rooms and make the house feel like a home.
  • 3D Tours, to help buyers navigate through the home from the comfort of their couch.
I’ll take care of it all and market your home with 20 years of professional marketing background using the latest platforms and put your home in front of the Buyers who are looking to buy.

While many agents are struggling to adapt to these new technologies, I have been using them in my business for years.  Don't let another agent learn on your home.

I know what I'm doing and I spend the money on marketing that works.

I will handle offers using electronic signatures and I’ll negotiate the best terms possible and once we have an accepted offer, only then can the buyer  schedule a showing.

From start to finish I’ll protect you and your interests as if they were my own.

Visit my Testimonials to hear from some of my happy clients.

If you want to get the process started,  call/text me at 416-875-4640 or fill out the contact form on this page  or click here and reach out to me.

I'll walk with you from start to finish and beyond.